Tutorial Materials

This is an introduction to Thicket with a presentation and live demos. It was presented as a virtual event at the 2023 RADIUSS Tutorial Series, August 14, 2023, alongside Caliper.

Slide Preview

Download Slides.

We provide scripts that take you through some of the available features in Thicket. They correspond to sections in the slides above.

To run through the scripts, we provide a docker image within the instance. After logging on to an instance, you can invoke the following:

$ docker run -p 8888:8888 myimage

Then, find the URL in the docker output, copy the URL into browser, and replace (localhost) in the URL with InstanceIP. It will look similar to: http://<InstanceIP>:8888/?token=9f60c09dcb63a0c6cb9d9e2a436ee541beabf83e67aadcde.